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Winter Festival: A Northern Way to Showcase the Charms of Shirak 

Amasia village, nestled in the scenic region of Shirak, has witnessed a cultural renaissance led by the local active group “Northern Way.” Harutyun, the group’s manager, hailing from this picturesque village, has taken it upon himself to showcase the untapped potential of the northern parts of Shirak. With their inaugural event, the “Winter Festival” named “-46°C,” Harutyun and his team aimed to elevate the level of cultural events and put Shirak on the map as a vibrant cultural hub. 

Organizing the Winter Festival was a challenging feat. While some aspects were seamlessly incorporated, others needed to be created from scratch. Harutyun and his team faced the challenge head-on, recognizing the importance of laying a strong foundation for future generations. Despite the obstacles, they persevered, leaving a legacy of quality work and a vision for future events.

The success of the Winter Festival would not have been possible without the invaluable support of the European Union, particularly through the Austrian Development Agency and the LEAD4Shirak program. This collaboration was instrumental in various aspects of the festival, from attracting volunteers to addressing financial concerns. The partnership with the European Union helped raise the bar and significantly improved the festival’s overall quality. Although there is still room for growth and improvement, the strides made last year marked a turning point in the event’s evolution. 

Reflecting on their experiences, Harutyun and his team have embraced the lessons learned during the Winter Festival. Detailed planning emerged as a crucial aspect that requires more attention in future events. Recognizing the challenges that arise with an increasing number of attendees, they aim to ensure that their on-site team is equipped with the professionalism and readiness to handle any chaotic situations. 

The success of the Winter Festival did not go unnoticed. In the days following the event, Harutyun was approached by numerous individuals expressing their gratitude for bringing the festival to life. The hard work put in by the team resonated with the community, making the festival a memorable and enjoyable experience for all. Harutyun acknowledges the contributions of the youth volunteers, participants, guests, and the European Union, as their support was crucial in turning their vision into reality. 

Looking toward the future, Harutyun and the Northern Way group are determined to build upon their experiences and plan the next Winter Festival with meticulous attention to detail. Their goal is to create even more cherished and enjoyable memories for the people of Shirak, ensuring that the cold days of winter become a time of celebration and cultural appreciation. 

The Winter Snow Festival, organized by the local active group “Northern Way,” has brought a newfound energy and cultural pride to the northern parts of Shirak. Through their relentless efforts and the support of the European Union, this festival has become a testament to the region’s potential and a platform for showcasing its rich cultural heritage. As they forge ahead, Harutyun and his team are poised to continue their journey of growth, offering unforgettable experiences and fostering a deeper sense of community in Shirak.