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The “WOMEN KNOW HOW” campaign aims to present one of the European Union projects dedicated to empowering women. The women featured in the videos share their own business development tips and tell the story of their business creation.

The EU-supported “Women in Business” project assists women-led small and medium enterprises in developing their businesses, contributing to the empowerment of women and economic growth in Armenia. The project also offers training, mentoring, and other support to enable women entrepreneurs to share experiences and learn from each other.

The EU supports businesswomen in Armenia by promoting gender-inclusive policies, providing financial support and training programmes, thereby empowering women entrepreneurs and expanding their participation in economic development.

“Women in Business” project is managed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

The women from the “Women in Business” project share their own business development tips

“Women in Business” project’s success stories

Lilit Gharibyan is the founder and director of “ECO Farm” LLC, a company engaged in ostrich breeding, the production of ostrich meat products, eco-tourism, and the manufacturing of natural cosmetic care products using ostrich oil. Thanks to the EU-funded “Women in Business” project, cosmetic care products underwent a rebranding process to comply with international standards and requirements. Additionally, Lilit acquired new skills in business management, positively influencing the success of her family business.

Mane Galstyan is the founder-director of “KidsHouse” Kindergarten, which has been operating in Yerevan for 9 years and has several branches. Devoted to working with children, Mane needed support in the development and marketing of the school. Thanks to the “Women in Business” project funded by the EU, a new branding package for the kindergarten was created, the website was updated, research was conducted, and a package of further actions was developed.

Rita Martirosyan is the director of “Riti” company, which is involved in the production of teas and dry fruits. Thanks to the “Women in Business” project funded by the EU, the company has received special certification. This accreditation allows it to be introduced to the European market.

Lusine Hakobyan is the director of “Wow Effect” LLC, a company involved in the production of transformer furniture. With the expansion of operations, the company encountered challenges in managing administrative tasks. Thanks to the “Women in Business” project funded by the EU, “Wow Effect” acquired an automated programme for managing organisational activities. This automation has enabled the company to dedicate more time to creative work and the development of the business.