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Europe and Armenia TV Programme


EU’s efforts aimed at a safe, energy-efficient, and green future for Armenia

EU Ambassador’s message with an emphasis on education

European Union emphasizes the globalization of education. ‘Erasmus Plus’ programme celebrates its 35th anniversary

Children’s Day

Armenia has a new tourism brand

The message of the EU Ambassador to the youth of Armenia

The European Union in Armenia. Investments in numbers

Europe Day

One minute with the Ambassador․ Message from the Head of the EU Delegation on Europe Day

European holiday in different regions of Armenia․ The course of various events of Europe Day

Women Empowerment

One minute with the Ambassador․ Message from the Head of the EU Delegation on Women’s Empowerment

Women for Women․ EU Ambassador’s visit to Syunik region

New beginning․ The path of Satenik Dallakyan, a beneficiary of EU programs

EU for Business

“UPSHIFT” event in Ijevan summarizes achievements of young people

A minute with EU Ambassador Andrea Wiktorin

EaP Trade Helpdesk: a platform that helps small and medium-sized Armenian entrepreneurs

Gender equality

European Union Delegation organised an event called ‘Nurturing Trust: stories of media and information literacy’

The EU Ambassador to Armenia visited Shirak region

One minute with the EU Ambassador Andrea Wiktorin

What to expect from the Action Plan of the Country Strategy for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in Armenia

30th anniversary of the EU-Armenia diplomatic relations

The first social Impact Investment Fund was created in Armenia with the support of the EU.

One minute with Andrea Wiktorin, EU Ambassador to Armenia.

The youth is where change begins: “Education: A Collaboration for a Stronger Future”

Resilient Syunik Team Europe Initiative

EU Ambassador Andrea Wiktorin’s message about the Team Europe Initiative.

First EuroClub opened in Oshakan: a new environment to bring a change in the lives of the community’s youth

Media literacy

Helping Armenia in balanced economic development. The EU Ambassador’s visit to Gyumri.

A consortium funded by the European Union is focusing on changes to the Labour Code.

A minute with the EU Ambassador to Armenia Andrea Wiktorin.

Media literacy as a way to fight against disinformation. Pecha Kucha event summary.

EU for Art

The EU supports arts: “Thread to Fabric: Transformation of the Material” in the runup to the art expo.

A minute with the EU Ambassador to Armenia, Andrea Wiktorin.

Women human rights defenders are stepping up against gender-based violence in Armenia: details of the EU supported programme.


The second EuroClub in Armenia was opened by the Armenian Network of European Ambassadors in Vayk.

The launch of the “EU for Culture” project was announced in Ijevan.

The contest “Rethink human rights through social innovations” was held.

A minute with the EU Ambassador Andrea Wiktorin.

“EU for Armenia: Support for e-Governance” programme in details.

Europe Day

Europe Day: events from Yerevan to Syunik region.

A message from the Head of the EU Delegation, Ambassador Andrea Wiktorin, on the occasion of Europe Day.

A vision for Kapan city development with EU support

EU. Climate Impact

–  87 eco buses imported to Yerevan with EU support.

– Message of the EU Ambassador Andrea Wiktorin.

– The expert discussion “EU Climate Impact”.