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EU Launched a Climate Impact Awareness-Raising Campaign with a Series of Interviews with the Field Experts

“EU Climate Impact” campaign organized by the EU Delegation to Armenia was launched with the event on the 23rd of June, 2023.

EU-Armenia relations attach great importance to addressing environmental issues to enhance the well-being of the people of Armenia.

The European Union supports Armenia with a variety of projects prioritizing climate impact. In doing so, EU-Armenia relations prioritize the environment and the well-being of the population by raising awareness on how their lifestyle and daily routine can affect climate change impact reduction.

Climate Impact is a global issue but with solidarity and individual actions can be impacted with prioritizing the climate effects. Society will benefit event from being introduced information like:

  • by planting trees and choosing renewable energy society reduces fossil fuel consumption and the global warming,
  • by not polluting people care for natural resources and encourage the environment to flourish and give them clean air,
  • by choosing Green Agriculture people eat healthier and safer foods as well as enable stronger community economic development.

EU-Armenia relations prioritize the environment and the well-being of the people of Armenia.

As a visible impact, the EU continues supporting Armenia with projects prioritizing Climate Change and Green Economy.

Mr Frank Hess, Head of Cooperation, EU Delegation to Armenia, and Mr Vache Terteryan, Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure, delivered welcoming remarks at the “EU Climate Impact” campaign event on the 23rd of June, 2023. They both highlighted the importance of awareness-raising campaigns and strategic programs on the way to a Green Economy and reducing the Climate Change impact.

The event was a combination of blitz interviews, moderated by the field expert Ms Astghine Pasoyan with remarkable speakers, covering the EU-Armenia priority areas, such as Green Agriculture, Environment and Renewable Energy.

The Renewable Energy was covered by George Akhalkatsi, Head of Yerevan Resident Office, EBRD and the ambitious local goals, renewable energy capacity by 2040, investment market behaviour, sufficient resources, policy framework perspective, private and public sector collaboration, the environmental and social impacts of renewable energy projects in Armenia and development in the country and much more related topics were discussed over the interview.

The blitz interviews about Environment and its transformations were captured with  Aleksandr Arakelyan, EU4Sevan, GIZ touching upon the climate change effect on water availability and resources of Armenia, forecasts, water scarcity risks, the use of water, water quality, the policy measures in place to boost climate change adaptation efforts in the water sector, the role of businesses and individuals in adapting to climate change, the water diplomacy.

Another very “green” topic was covered by the representative of “EU Green Agriculture Initiative in Armenia” (EU-GAIA) project Lusine Nalbandyan – the  Green Agriculture, revealing the questions such as the meaning of “green agriculture”, mainstream agriculture practices compliance with the “green” requirements, tends, the cooperation between EU-GAIA project and the Government of Armenia on the agricultural policy agenda,  organic agriculture practices, the green agriculture developments in Armenia, the role of the civil society – NGOs and academia in promoting green agriculture practices in the country.

All the speakers and experts emphasized the significance of the green agenda and actions undertaken to overcome and adapt to the Climate change global impact, as well as the importance of raising awareness campaigns for society.