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Partnerships for Syunik – Enhanced Community-Based Social Services

Project Description
The program will support the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in the process of implementing sectoral reforms in order to develop a stable social services system in Syunik. The program will contribute to the transition from a system of temporary cash assistance social services by municipalities to a more coordinated and more resilient integrated system, which will lead to sustainable financing of community social services and better serve the needs of the most vulnerable population of the region, contributing to the reduction of poverty, inequality and vulnerability. The program is also aimed at increasing the role of civil society organizations (CSOs) as key actors.
Specific Objective
Civil Society Organizations effectively cooperate with government authorities to deliver financially sustainable community-based social services that serve the needs of vulnerable populations in Syunik province.
Expected Results
Civil Society Organisations have the skills, organizational management practices, and sustainable business models to deliver high-quality, responsive community-based social services:

- Capacity Development of targeted CSOs, focusing on technical social service delivery, community situational analysis, fundraising, networking, and sustainable business models ;
- Technical support to CSOs with social service accreditation process to diversify funding sources and standardize the social services delivery;

Piloting new models of delivery and financing of community-based social services by CSOs including innovative public-private partnerships – FSTP scheme for CSOs and technical support.
- CSOs and local authorities jointly develop a sustainable mechanism for participatory planning and delivery of community-based social services in line with the priorities of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

- Implementation of Participatory Social Service Planning (PSSP) methodology in all 7 target municipalities to establish and/or expand community-level social service coordination mechanisms;

- Joint civil society-local authority-led social services situation analysis to prioritize social services and development or update of social service strategy and action plans;

Delivery of community-based social services that align with the action plans of target municipalities - FSTP schemes for CSOs and local authorities.
- Civil Society Organisations engage in policy dialogue and advocacy campaigns for sustainable funding of community-based social services
- CSOs capacity development focusing on evidence-based research, advocacy, policy dialogue, and monitoring to support them to more effectively engage in policy dialogue;
- CSO-led policy dialogue and advocacy campaigns to advocate for sustainable funding of community-based social services – FSTP scheme and technical support;
- National-level coordination with the MLSA to scale up participatory planning of social services mechanism, to illustrate the successful examples of sustainable cooperation between government, CSOs, and the private sector.
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