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Fostering integrity and preventing corruption in the public sector in Armenia

Project Description
This Twinning Project forms an interinstitutional cooperation agreement between the Corruption Prevention Commission and Ministry of Justice of Armenia, and relevant institutions in Germany and Latvia. Through this cooperation, the project team aims to develop and assist in the implementation of anticorruption (integrity) education and public awareness programmes and strengthen institutional capacities, to reinforce business integrity and ensure a corruption prevention capacity in Armenian institutions. In addition, the project will advance implementation of the Armenia's Anti-Corruption Strategy, in particular by enhancing the monitoring capacity of the Anti-Corruption Policy Development and Monitoring department of the Ministry of Justice.
Specific Objective
Overall objective of the Twinning project is to foster integrity and prevent corruption in public sector in Armenia.
Specifically the project aims to:
• Develop corruption prevention/integrity education strategy for public officials, schools and higher education institutions
• Develop and assist with public awareness programmes and related institutional capacities to enable the corruption prevention environment
• Advance implementation of Anti-Corruption Strategy in Armenia
Expected Results
Result 1: Institutional capacity of the Corruption Prevention Commission (CPC) to develop and assist in the implementation of anticorruption (integrity) education and public awareness programmes in Armenia increased.
Result 2: Strategic communication and collaboration mechanisms for the CPC are in place and functioning.
Result 3: Level of implementation of Anti-Corruption Strategy enhanced through developing monitoring capacity of the Ministry of Justice of Armenia.
Result 4: Business integrity of state-owned entreprises improved.
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Priority Area:
Partnership that creates, Partnership that empowers, Partnership that protects, Partnership that empowers
Education, Research and Innovation, Civil society, Rule of law & human rights, Public Administration Reform
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