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Project Description
Active entrepreneurship has shown to be a critical factor in post-war periods, driving forward societal recovery and development while addressing the multitude of post-war consequences.

The Stronger Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Syunik - Supporting vulnerable and displaced people (SEES) program will support entrepreneurial ideas, initiatives, and projects of displaced and vulnerable people and CSOs working with these groups aiming to relieve the consequences of the war and the current uncertain situation, thereby strengthening the entrepreneurship ecosystem of Syunik which is an important component of not only post-war recovery but also sustainable development.

Impact Hub Armenia Social Innovation Development Foundation (aka Impact Hub Yerevan) is a non-profit organization with a mission to support social impact projects and enterprises which propel the positive development of Armenia. After 6 years of sustainable operations (also through a pandemic and a war), we believe we are ready to expand and grow in other regions of Armenia.

SEES project will help establish Impact Hub Syunik in the town of Goris. Impact Hub Yerevan will actively support Impact Hub Syunik with capacity building, and transferring knowledge and experience. The SEES Program will help create the first collaborative community and members of Impact Hub Syunik.
Specific Objective
The overall objective: To provide support, and strengthen entrepreneurial opportunities in Syunik, by re-skilling vulnerable and displaced people, and by addressing their needs as well as by engaging organizations working with them.
The specific objectives:
1. Assist up to 15 teams (directly involving or supporting vulnerable/displaced groups in Syunik) to develop, validate, and implement their entrepreneurial ideas
2. Create a physical location in Goris as Impact Hub (IH) Syunik
3. Connect entrepreneurs to a national and international community of entrepreneurs and mentors
4. Raise awareness about entrepreneurial role models in Syunik
5. Address policy issues improving the economic environment in the region
Expected Results
1. Establishment of IH Syunik, with a physical environment for collaboration, coworking and support. IH Syunik will continue operations & delivery of activities after the project ends
2. 65% of participants (10 projects/start-ups) are supported to grow into an operational social enterprise
3. Reduced humanitarian needs and vulnerability by targeting around 300 beneficiaries from vulnerable/displaced groups (providing training for re-skilling, creating new job opportunities, etc.)
4. Creating role models in the region to motivate other individuals
5. Advocacy Multistakeholder Networking Event to improve the entrepreneurial environment in Syunik
Project map
Priority Area:
Partnership that creates
Employment and entrepreneurship
Business, Civil society, Dialogue, Education, Jobs, Local development, Skills, Women
Project Status:
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