Participatory Democracy in Action

Project Description
The overall objective of "Participatory Democracy in Action" project is to contribute to effective engagement of civil society and citizens in the process of public-policy making through establishing meaningful, structured platforms that engage civil society actors and citizens in effective dialogue with government and increase their influence at all stages of policy cycle in Armenia.
Specific Objective
1. Ensure evidence-based and participatory decision-making in the areas of public administration and anti-corruption and democratic processes through enhanced input by civil society actors and use of their expertise in public policy-making
2. Support people-centred policy making and accountable governance through expanded communication and dialogue between the government and civil society
3. Improve scope and quality of citizens’ engagement in policy-making processes through creating and promoting advanced mechanisms and platforms of participation
Expected Results
• Enhanced engagement of civil society expertise in specific policy areas, strengthened capacity and credibility of CSO experts in public policy-making in Armenia;
• Improved quality of CSO-state dialogue;
• Improved elements of good governance of state/public institutions;
• Improved mechanisms of public participation;
• Increased informed citizens’ engagement with the relevant institutions;
• Improved CSO credibility among general public due to better awareness of CSO actions and products.
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Partnership that empowers
Civil society
Civil society
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Implementing Organisation:
Transparency International Anticorruption Centre
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