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EU4Environment: "Green community - resilient future"

Project Description
The grant will finance the implementation of the project entitled: EU4Environment: "Green community - resilient future": introducing green urban development model aimed at Armenia's enhanced environmental protection and climate change adaptation. The project lead is Armenia Tree Project with the Jinishian Memorial Foundation and the Armenian Agency Foundation as co-applicants. The project will be implemented in the provinces of Lori, Shirak and Tavush within 3 years. The objective s to increase environmental protection and climate change adaptation capacities in Armenia's small regional cities and towns. Fifteen municipalities have been selected in the regions as beneficiaries.

Funding will be used to:
-Plant trees at the targeted 15 municipalities
-Plant trees in 50 schools and 10 parks in those areas
-Establish 100 hectares of forests in 10 areas adjunct to the cities and towns
-Establish 150 backyard nurseries, modeled after ATP’s award-winning backyard nursery program
-Establish 1 nursery near Gyumri, modeled after the successful Mirak Family Reforestation Nursery operated by ATP
-Create an online information sharing and learning portal
-Establish 10 Eco Clubs and enhance ATP’s existing 5 in said regions
-Engage 7,000 schoolchildren in environmental education activities
-Hold annual summer eco-camps and clean-up competition campaigns to increase environmental awareness

Poverty is expected to reduce in the selected communities as a result of the grant project, as it will create additional income opportunities for a few hundred inhabitants who will be engaged in tree-planting activities.
Specific Objective
1. To advance green urban planning capacities in the beneficiary regions of Armenia
2. To Improve living conditions of citizens in targeted cities and neighboring communities
3. Climate change adaptation, environmental protection and sustainable management of local resources
Expected Results
- Advanced green urban planning practiced in the beneficiary regions of Armenia
- Green lifestyle promoted in target regions
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Priority Area:
Partnership that greens
Environment & climate change
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