EU4Youth: Empowered and Active Youth for a more Democratic Armenia Today and Tomorrow

Project Description
The project aims to empower young people and engage them in their communities as active citizens. Also within the project we will empower youth CSOs to be sustainable organizations in future, after the project ends. The actions of the project include;
- Youth civic and democratic education though COMPASS tool
- Youth engagement in IMPACT, SKYE, Debate clubs
- Organisation of national and TV debates, also with decision makers
- Empowerment of Student councils in schools
- Promotion of at least two youth advocacy efforts in the education and employment sectors
- Organization of youth public speaking events
- Empowerment of 6 partner CSOs through institutional capacity building and sustainable income
Specific Objective
Objective 1: Empowered young people engaged in policies development
Objective 2: Empowered youth CSOs demonstrating participatory action in their communities.
Expected Results
Youth in targeted communities are capacitated to contribute to their community as socially active citizens
Empowered youth CSOs, who demonstrate participatory action in their communities
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Priority Area:
Partnership that empowers
Youth participation and leadership
Project Status:
Start Date:
End Date:
Implementing Organisation:
World Vision Germany
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