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Strong CSOs and local partnerships for accountable communities and inclusive social protection in Armenia

Project Description
The project “Strong CSOs and local partnerships for accountable communities and inclusive social protection in Armenia” (“Together for social communities”) strives to combat poverty and inequality in Armenia by creating needs-based and resilient local social plans as well as targeted and sustainable civil society-led social services for the benefit of poor and vulnerable families in Armenian regions.
Specific Objective
Needs of poor and vulnerable groups in Shirak, Tavush, Armavir and Syunik regions of Armenia are better addressed
by needs-based and resilient poverty reduction policies and locally-adapted, sustainable civil society-led social services.

Expected Results
OP 1: Needs-based local social plans targeting poverty reduction among economically-disadvantaged and vulnerable groups are in place in targeted local communities.
OP2: Transparent mechanisms and social services quality standards for state funding of qualified social services tackling different dimensions of poverty are elaborated and largely approved in enlarged targeted communities and by national government bodies in charge.
OP3: Social service providers have capacity to offer social services that satisfy quality service standards and are in line with local social plans.
OP4: Civil society actors are recognized as actors able to participate in local policy dialogue and participatory monitoring processes of local social plans and have strengthened links/connections to actors from other communities, regions and countries.
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Partnership that empowers
Civil society
Civil society
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