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COVID19: Civil Society Resilience and Sustainability

Project Description
The "COVID-19: Civil Society Resilience and Sustainability" project aims to foster the resilience and sustainability of civil society in countries of the Eastern Partnership, in order to mitigate the immediate and longer-term impact of COVID-19. It supports civil society and the broader independent activist community to continue providing access to protection and assistance, especially to the most vulnerable groups, as well as accurate information about the pandemic.
Specific Objective
The "COVID-19: Civil Society Resilience and Sustainability" project aims to achieve three major objectives:
- To provide emergency support to Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) whose activities have been heavily damaged by the pandemic.
- To enhance the CSOs’ digitalisation, strategic and operational capacities to continue assisting their beneficiaries.
- To empower CSOs and independent media to fight disinformation.

- 26 CSOs will be provided with emergency grants, which is financial aid to sustain running costs (e.g., salaries, office rent).
- 200 CSOs’ representatives will receive psychosocial and legal support, as many reported of having felt more under-stress during the pandemic.
- 26 CSOs will be assigned with a digitalization grant to improve their online work (e.g. equipment, consultancy to use new technologies).
- 21 CSOs will learn how to conduct effective risk assessments, contingency plans, or how to effectively cope with a very different future working environment.
- 6 Ukrainian CSOs will be able to boost coordination and cooperation across different regions of the country.
- 5 Ukrainian policy experts and think tanks will receive support for analytical and policy-oriented projects to assess short and long-term consequences of the pandemic.
- 32 among independent media and CSOs will be supported to debunk false information.
- 25 among CSOs and Media will organize media campaigns, advocacy and awareness raising activities aiming at countering disinformation on health risks and government actions.
- In Ukraine, 6 CSOs will be funded to monitoring government’s actions, oversighting public procurement, investments in the health sector and economic aid.
Expected Results
- To build CSOs’ sustainability and resilience to the effects of the COVID-19 crisis.
- To equip CSOs with the necessary digital technology, structured organisational and strategic capacity to continue supporting their beneficiaries, protecting vulnerable communities and advocating for policies to mitigate the impact of COVID-19.
- To help CSOs and media to counter disinformation and fake news, and promote access to reliable information on the pandemic and its impact on communities through awareness raising and advocacy.

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Project map
Photo gallery
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Priority Area:
Partnership that empowers, Partnership that greens
Civil society, Health
Civil society, Health, COVID-19
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Armenia, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine
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