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EU TUMO Convergence Center

Project Description
The EU TUMO Convergence Center for Engineering and Applied Science is a state-of-the-art STEM ecosystem in Yerevan, Armenia. A hub for research, education, and startups geared towards university students and young professionals, the center will bring together partners, both local and international, to bridge the gap between higher education and industry in Armenia. This mixed-use campus will bring together academia and industry, linking local students, researchers, and technologists to each other and with their global peers, and by doing so will foster innovation and entrepreneurship. The Center will be composed of a range of entities. On the educational/research/industry front, it will host TUMO Labs, 42 Yerevan, a shared hub, co-financing units office space, and a conference center. These entities will interact with each other and complement each other in their respective areas of specialization. In addition to these entities, the EU TUMO Convergence Center will also harbor office and retail space to create a vibrant neighborhood.
Specific Objective
1. Increased employability of STEM students in line with the tech sector needs.
2. Increased synergy between STEM education stakeholders and the tech sector.
Expected Results
● Increased capacity of students over 18 years old in the STEM field.
● Increased collaboration among ecosystem actors (tech companies, STEM education institutions and educators).
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Partnership that creates
Education, Research and Innovation
Education, Skills, Research and Innovation
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