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Study visit to EU: opportunity for the SMEs operating in the textile sector

If you are an SME operating in the textile sector in Armenia and you are looking for a unique opportunity to learn from international experts and expand the horizons of your business, then the time has come.

Within the initiative EaP-based SMEs will get a chance to travel to EU for 5 days and to foster international cooperation and get unique experience.

The Study Visit is integrated within an international trade fair. You’ll actively participate in the fair as exhibitors and will be able to engage in meetings with EU-based SMEs.

The best news: participation is free of charge!

Which are the benefits of the participation?

1․ Expansion of business opportunities and valuable connections for EaP SMEs
2. Direct feedback from potential customers, which will further enable SMEs to create products that meet market demands more effectively
3․ Acquisition of new skills and knowledge by communicating with international experts and potential customers, also getting to know the international standards for SMEs better
Event Details:

Who can apply:
30 representatives from SMEs in the EaP region operating in the Textile sector
Where will it take place:
MOMAD Fashion Fair. Madrid, Spain

12-16 September 2024
Deadline to apply:
16 June 2024

Imagine, this is an exclusive opportunity!
No need to wait or think too long, apply now, become a part of a unique experience.