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“Youth in action: promoting youth empowerment and leadership in Armenia” programme was launched

June 12, 2023

The “Youth in Action: Youth Empowerment and Leadership Development in Armenia” project was launched on June 12. The EUR two million project is co-funded by the European Union and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. Implemented in cooperation with local partners – World Vision Armenia, the Center for Youth Initiatives, and the Center for Media Initiatives, during the next three years the project will focus on strengthening the leadership skills of young people, building capacities of youth workers and youth CSOs, and increasing media literacy of young persons.

“The project that we are launching today embodies the belief of the European Union in the power of youth to transform communities and shape the future. Young people in Armenia possess immense energy, creativity, and passion, which makes them catalysts for positive social change and advocates for a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable future”, emphasised in her remarks the head of the EU Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Andrea Wiktorin. 

With the support of the European Union, a unique nursery opened in the Shirak region

June 5, 2023

World Environment Day celebrated annually on June 5 was marked this time with the opening of a plant nursery in the Shirak region.

The first-of-its-kind nursery is located on the premises of the Gyumri Breeding Station and has a capacity of supplying up to 100 000 seedlings for greening and forestation activities in Shirak. The nursery was constructed with the support of the European Union in the framework of the EU4Environment: Green Community-Resilient Future Project implemented by the Armenia Tree Project in cooperation with the Armenian Energy Agency and Jinishian Memorial Foundation. Since 2021 the project has already supported the planting of over 320 000 trees.

Protection of the environment is at the heart of EU policies. Through the European Green Deal EU aims to be a global leader in the fight against climate change and environmental degradation. The European Union is committed to continue supporting projects in Armenia on biodiversity conservation, climate change adaptation, renewable energy, and sustainable waste management.

Ambassador Andrea Wiktorin spoke about choosing the path of democracy in Armenia at the forum dedicated to the protection of democracy and human rights

May 31, 2023

The EU Ambassador to Armenia Andrea Wiktorin attended the “Defending Democracy: Safeguarding Rights amid National Security Challenges” forum, organised jointly by Freedom House and the “Union of Informed Citizens” NGO.

“Armenia has chosen the way of democracy, which also means the protection of human rights. It is a never-ending process, so there is never a moment when one can say, “We’ve had a free and fair elections once or twice and now everything is fine”,” Ambassador Wiktorin said in her speech. She noted that the protection of human rights must be approached from multiple perspectives.

Students of the school of critical thinking met with the EU Delegation’s leader

May 26, 2023

On May 26, the EU Ambassador to Armenia Andrea Wiktorin met with a group of students attending Critical Thinking School organised in the framework of the “EU4Youth: Student Democracy Now” project.

While exchanging views with the young people, Ambassador Wiktorin emphasised the need for youth to question assumptions and embrace diverse perspectives, highlighting the role of critical thinking in fostering open dialogue and enabling them to discern reliable sources in an era of information overload.

‘’EU4Youth: Student Democracy Now” project aimed at promoting students’ self-organisation and democratic governance in universities and participation of youth in policy-making processes is implemented by Eurasia Partnership Foundation in partnership with “Restart” Scientific Educational Charitable Foundation and Caucasus Research Resource Centre in Armenia.

“I am responsible for Sevan IV” event highlighted Lake Sevan ecosystem challenges and efforts to solve them

May 22, 2023

On May 22,  the “I am responsible for Sevan IV” event took place jointly funded by the European Union and the German government-funded “Environmental Protection of Lake Sevan” – #EU4Sevan – programme. The event aimed to bring together partners, stakeholders, and implementers of the project, and raise awareness of the environmental challenges of Lake Sevan and its possible solutions, especially in the field of sustainable land-use practices and wastewater management. It drew public attention to already known solutions and further steps to improve the situation in the Lake Sevan ecosystem.

A press conference dedicated to European Union-Armenia relations marked Europe Day

May 15, 2023

A press conference dedicated to the Europe Day 2023 and European Union – Armenia relations was held in Aram Khachatouryan House-Museum.  The head of the European Union Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Andrea Wiktorin, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia Paruyr Hovhannisyan, and the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Sweden to Armenia Patrik Svensson made statements and answered questions from the press.

“InFact-2022”, the award ceremony for fact-checking journalistic publications was held

May 3, 2023

The “InFact-2022” award ceremony for fact-checking journalistic publications was carried out by “Hetq” and the “InFact” Facebook group, within the framework of the “European Media Facility Armenia – Building  Sustainable and Professional Media” project, implemented by Deutsche Welle, in partnership with BBC Media Action, FACTOR Information Center, HETQ Investigative Journalists and Democracy Development Foundation (DDF). The “InFact Network” contributes to the exchange of experience, the adaptation of modern international tools of investigative journalism, field discussions, and the provision of expertise. The network aims at strengthening the atmosphere of mutual assistance in the field of fact-checking.

Discussions about “The problem of sexual violence in Armenia: existing issues and joint steps to overcome them” were held at the roundtable

April 19, 2023

On April 19, UNFPA and Sexual Assault Crisis Center organised a roundtable and exhibition “Combating Sexual Violence in Armenia: Current challenges and joint steps” in the frame of the EU-funded project “Accountable Institutions and Human Rights Protection in Armenia”. During the discussion, sexual violence current issues in Armenia were presented and addressed by the main stakeholders: Government, Parliament, Police, Investigative committee, Human Rights Defender Office, Civil Society Organisations, development and international organisations.

Supported by the EU, the new programme “EQUAL – EU4Women Empowerment in Armenia will assist women in a number of regions of Armenia

April 18, 2023

Today the EU-funded project “EQUAL – EU4Women Empowerment in Armenia”, implemented by OxEGEN Foundation, in cooperation with European Partnership for Democracy, Netherland Helsinki Committee, Women’s Development Resource Center-WINNET Goris, Women’s Support Center and WINNET Sweden, was launched. It aims to elevate and empower women to bring about societal change in Armenia with the specific focus on Ararat, Vayots Dzor, Kotayk, Armavir, Syunik, Shirak, Lori, and Tavush regions. EQUAL will provide women duly support to exercise their political, economic, and socio-cultural rights, giving priority to those from vulnerable and disadvantaged groups.

A second EuroClub opened in Vayk

April 3, 2023

On April 3, the second EuroClub opened in Vayk at the initiative of the Armenian Young European Ambassadors. The Club will aim to develop local youth’s skills and boost youth participation in the community. EuroClub Vayk has become a reality due to the cooperation with the TNAK youth centre and will serve as a development space for young people, aiming to bring EU-Armenia ties closer.

The exhibition at the “Katapult Pavilion” aims to help publicize art and innovation projects

March 31, 2023

Within the framework of the EU-funded “KATAPULT” project, implemented by the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) in partnership with Creative Armenia, the first Katapult Pavilion was organised at the HayArt Cultural Centre. The event aimed to provide a unique marketplace in Armenia to showcase products and projects covering the creative sectors of fine arts, innovative technologies, design, architecture, fashion, and printing.

On this occasion, EU Ambassador to Armenia Andrea Wiktorin said, “The creative sector is a key driver of economic growth. Creative industries strengthen the soft power of a country by projecting its values, culture, and ideas to the rest of the world. Culture is the DNA of your country and your visa to cross borders and facilitate exchange, discovery, and cooperation between people. Thanks to the innovation and commitment of civil society and the diaspora, the “Armenia” brand is recognised worldwide as a source of inspiration, innovation, and quality. We need to capitalise on this unique added value, and you can count on the EU’s support because we share the same values of tolerance, plurality, inclusion, respect, and humanism.”

The event “I can break stereotypes in my community” marked the end of the “EU4 gender equality: Together Against Gender Stereotypes and Violence” project

March 28, 2023

In the framework of the EU-funded project “EU4 Gender Equality: Together against gender stereotypes and gender-based violence”, implemented by UN WOMEN and UNFPA, AGATE NGO has organised a closing event “I Can Break Stereotypes in My Community”. On this occasion, the EU Ambassador to Armenia, Andrea Wiktorin, said, “Persons with disabilities and their families are a fantastic example of will and determination for all of us. They bring us hope that our society can share, include, and give everyone the same rights and opportunities. The inclusion of People with disabilities is a long and permanent fight, bearing the universal values of generosity, kindness, and attention. The EU stands by you.”

The EU4Culture project was launched in Ijevan

March 24, 2023

Ambassador Andrea Wiktorin participated in the launch event of the EU4Culture programme in Ijevan. With the financial support of the EU4Culture and in cooperation with the Urban Foundation for Sustainable Development, Ijevan Municipality has developed a cultural development strategy to improve the cultural infrastructures through continuous creative activities, to ensure cultural life is closely related to economic development, and to contribute to preserving historical and cultural heritage.

The Ambassador congratulated the Mayor of Ijevan on the selection of the Ijevan culture strategy for EU financing and encouraged all interlocutors to work towards its implementation.

An award ceremony was dedicated to raising awareness of human rights through innovative ideas

March 23, 2023

The contest award ceremony “Social Innovations to Restart Human Rights” took place on 23 March 2023 in the framework of the EU-funded project “Accountable Institutions and Human Rights Protection in Armenia” implemented by UNDP in partnership with the UNICEF, UNFPA, and OSCE (project budget €2 million). The contest aimed to raise awareness and jump-start problem-solving projects through innovative ideas in the area of Human Rights promotion and protection. Social innovation is becoming increasingly vital for human rights protection. By investing in social innovation, we can build more equitable and just societies that uphold human rights and the rule of law.

The Ambassador congratulated the Mayor of Ijevan on the selection of the Ijevan culture strategy for EU financing and encouraged all interlocutors to work towards its implementation.

“DigitALL: innovation and technology for gender equality” event was held during Women’s Rights International Day

March 8, 2023

On the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day and within the framework of the EU-funded project “Addressing Gender-Biased Sex Selection and Related Harmful Practices in the South Caucasus: Support to Regional, National and South-South Interventions”, implemented by UNFPA, an event “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality” was organized at the Byurakan Observatory.

The event was aimed to value and emphasize the important role of young girls in the field of technology and innovation, to encourage teenagers and young adults to confidently take steps in professional orientation, following the example of dozens of young girls who are championing the advancement in technology and digital education.