Facility for the European Neighbourhood Instrument Cross-Border Cooperation programmes at the EU’s external borders (TESIM)

Project Description
The "Facility for the European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI) Cross-Border Cooperation (CBC) programmes at the EU’s external borders" (Technical Support to the Implementation and Management of ENI CBC Programmes)- TESIM is a technical assistance project financed by the European Commission in order to provide support to the implementation and management of the 15 programmes listed in the ENI CBC Programming Document.
Specific Objective
- To improve the management and implementation quality of the ENI CBC programmes, enhancing the cooperation between Member States and Partner Countries at programme level.
- To build up the capacity of local and regional authorities and private organisations in project development and management in the eligible regions of the CBC Partner Countries.
- To stimulate coordination not only among ENI CBC programmes but also between ENI CBC programmes and other similar instruments.
- To increase the visibility of the ENI CBC instrument.

Expected Results
- ENI CBC programmes stakeholders will be able to share experiences and best practices with their counterparts in other ENI CBC programmes and with players involved in European Territorial Cooperation and in CBC programmes under the Instrument for pre-accession (IPA), where relevant.
- The Commission and the ENI CBC programme stakeholders will receive assistance to solve implementation problems.
- Studies and/or tools of general nature requested by the Commission or ENI CBC stakeholders will be carried out.
- Active networking among programme stakeholders will be established enabling them to share information, good management practices and to improve procedures.
- Level of awareness of cross-border and regional cooperation opportunities in the beneficiary regions will be increased.
- Visibility of the ENI CBC instrument will be strengthened.
- Coordination of ENI CBC instrument with other sources of funding will be increased.
- Partners’ capacity in CBC Partner Countries to identify and prepare good quality projects will be increased.
- Partners’ capacity in the CBC Partner Countries to manage local/regional development projects will be increased.
- Number of good quality projects prepared and approved for implementation will be increased.
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Priority Area:
Cross-border cooperation & border management
Cross-Border Cooperation
EaP Countries:
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine
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