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Support to CEPA Monitoring, Implementation and Communication

Project Description
“Support to CEPA monitoring, implementation and communication” is a four-year project funded by the European Union to assist the Government of Armenia in its efforts to reform the public administration in accordance with CEPA.
The keyword in the project's name – CEPA – stands for the “Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement” between Armenia and the EU, signed in 2017 and entered into force in 2021.
The project has three thematic parts: support to the Government in the reform process and assessment of progress, support to the strategic communication of the Government and the general communication of the EU Delegation, and support to the civil society in monitoring the implementation of the agreement and advocating for inclusive policies in line with the provisions of CEPA.
The core team of the project is composed of four key experts, whose activity is complemented by non-key experts recruited and mobilised for specific tasks agreed with the main beneficiaries.
Specific Objective
The project's overall objective is to support the three main beneficiaries – the Armenian Government, the EU Delegation in Armenia and the Armenian civil society – in the implementation, monitoring and communication of the CEPA agreement.
The list of specific objectives includes, but is not limited to:
• Consolidating the government’s analytical and policy development capacity
• Assisting the government in ensuring a functional monitoring system of the CEPA commitments
• Improving the strategic communication capacity of the government
• Ensuring a smooth and effective delivery of the general communication activities of the EU Delegation
• Strengthening the civil society monitoring, policy analysis and advocacy capacities
• Strengthening the civil society’s strategic communication and resilience to disinformation and manipulation
Expected Results
At the end of its implementation, the project is expected to have contributed to the progress of the reform process in Armenia according to the provisions of the partnership agreement with the European Union and to the specific commitments of the Armenian government. The consolidation of the government’s capacity to communicate with the citizens in a strategic, trustworthy, sustainable, and transparent manner is another expected result, together with raising the awareness of the Armenian public about the EU support to the country and increasing the positive view of the citizens about the EU. Empowering the Armenian civil society to advocate for inclusive government policies collectively and raising the capacity of the civil society organisations to monitor effectively the implementation of the CEPA agreement and the fulfilment of the government’s commitments also count among the expected results of the project.
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