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The EU approved a 14.2 million EUR grant to Armenia

August 2, 2022
The European Union approved disbursements of 14.2 million EUR in grants for two budget support programmes – Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Armenia and the Covid-19 Resilience Contract for Armenia. This decision follows a positive assessment of progress in the selected sector reform areas, macroeconomic stability, public financial management, and state budget transparency. “These disbursements are a result of successful collaboration between the European Union and the Government of Armenia, and reflect the Government’s commitment to a recovery from the pandemic, and to the implementation of the CEPA agreement” stated H.E. Andrea Wiktorin, Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Armenia.

“The project that we are launching today embodies the belief of the European Union in the power of youth to transform communities and shape the future. Young people in Armenia possess immense energy, creativity, and passion, which makes them catalysts for positive social change and advocates for a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable future”, emphasised in her remarks the head of the EU Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Andrea Wiktorin. 

The EU-funded inclusive “Ardook” social enterprise was established

July 29, 2022
On the occasion of the opening ceremony of the social enterprise “Ardook”, Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Andrea Wiktorin in her opening speech underlined, “No one can ever imagine all the constraints, difficulties and limitations that a mother of children with disabilities may face. This inclusive project is a good example of how a society can share, include and give everyone the same rights and opportunities and how a community can take care of the most vulnerable people. You show us the way and we thank you”. “Ardook” social enterprise, which has been funded by the European Union, in the scope of Impact Hub Yerevan and Iris Business Incubator, creates an opportunity for mothers of disabled children to work at home, without being away from their children, doing jobs of washing and ironing clothes.

“KATAPULT Creative Accelerator Program” was launched to help creative industries in Armenia

July 12, 2022
On July 12, was launched “KATAPULT Creative Accelerator Program”, an EU Funded project in the framework of the “Catalysing creative industries development in Armenia” program. This action will be implemented by AGBU Fund Armenia and Creative Armenia Cultural Foundation. At this occasion, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport, Ministry of High-Tech Industry, Ministry of Economy, AGBU and the Delegation of the European Union to Armenia. “Creativity needs a legal framework, reliable partners, solid networks, innovative actors, specific and alternative financing and a constant, collaborative and participatory dynamic. This is what this project is all about: creating an environment and the best conditions for creativity, a source of wealth and livelihood” mentioned the Head of Cooperation of the EU Delegation to Armenia, Frank Hess.

Piloting the LEADER – Community-Led Local Development approaches in Lori and Tavush regions

July 10, 2022
On 10 July, representatives of 5 Local Action Groups from the Lori and Tavush regions met in Dilijan to sign partnership agreements, exchange on rural development approaches, and showcase their local production. The LAGs will contribute to inclusive and sustainable growth and improved livelihoods of the rural populations in regions through the piloting of the LEADER / Community-Led Local Development approaches in the framework of the EU-funded LEAD4Lori and Tavush regions project implemented by the United Nation’s Development Program in Armenia and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. “We support in Armenia piloting of the LEADER in Lori, Tavush, and Shirak regions and are keen to see this collaborative methodology succeeding in Armenia and becoming a useful institutional tool for local development”, mentioned Andrea Wiktorin, the EU Ambassador to Armenia in her address to the participants.

The EU continues ongoing support to Armenia for the national response to the COVID-19 pandemic

July 11, 2022
The European Union and World Health Organization donated a brand-new refrigerated truck to the National Center for Disease Control under the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia as part of ongoing support for the national response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The truck is equipped with independent electrical support and a diesel generator to ensure vaccine safety and efficiency 24 hours, 7 days a week, including in emergencies and lack of electricity. “The EU continues to join the targeted efforts to strengthen the health systems worldwide and overcome COVID-19. The refrigerated truck is another contribution to ensuring proper cold storage equipment and transportation of vaccines all over Armenia. We are happy to cooperate with WHO and the Government of Armenia to help people stay healthy and resilient to the virus,” said Andrea Wiktorin, the Ambassador, Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Armenia.

Media Management E-school was launched within the EU-funded “Building Sustainable and Professional Media” project

July 1, 2022
The EU-funded project “Building Sustainable and Professional Media”, implemented by DW Deutsche Welle, in partnership with BBC Media Action, Open Society Foundations – Armenia, Factor TV and Hetq Investigative Journalists was launched the Media Management E-school in Armenia. Media Management E-school will be implemented by Media Initiatives Center (MIC) and aims to increase media management capacities with a focus on sustainability and resilience. “The role and responsibilities of the media are so important to build a nation. Media educate and inform but sometimes can also distort or transform information. There are always risks of manipulation, fake news, and promoting hate speeches. A dynamic, plural society needs a free, independent, reliable and responsible media”, mentioned the EU Ambassador to Armenia, Andrea Wiktorin.

First Phase of the Pilot Implementation of the STEM Curriculum Reform held in Tavush region

June 28, 2022
The Head of Cooperation of the EU Delegation to Armenia, Frank Hess attended the Concluding event of the First Phase of the Pilot Implementation of the STEM  (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Curriculum Reform in the Tavush Region implemented within the framework of the EU-funded project. Frank Hess underlined the importance of STEM teaching improvement, assuring that the EU will continue its support in this field. He also informed that the EU is currently discussing further assistance with the RA MoESCS, which, inter alia, will include the rollout of Tavush pilot results and recommendations to the other 3 regions (marz).

GREEN Armenia platform was launched

June 27, 2022

On the occasion of the launching of the GREEN Armenia platform, the EU Ambassador, Andrea Wiktorin underlined: “The green agenda figures at the top of EU’s priorities for Europe and the planet. A green agenda involves much more than cutting emissions. It is about systemic changes across our economies, societies, and industries. For Armenia, the opportunity is clear: a greener economy, not only will improve the quality of life for the Armenian people, but also will stimulate sustainable growth and new jobs. We welcome the launch of the GREEN Armenia platform. It will serve the openness and transparency of transition towards green, an effort that needs the commitment and involvement of all public and private stakeholders”.

The European Union and the Member States approved the Country Level Implementation Plan – Armenia

June 22, 2022
The Country Level Implementation Plan (CLIP) – ARMENIA has been approved by the European Union and the EU member states. It builds on the Multi-annual Indicative Programme 2021 – 2027 (MIP), the Human Rights Country Strategy 2021-2024, and the Gender Country Profile (CGP) of the Republic of Armenia 2021. CLIP Armenia covers both the programmatic and political commitments and proposes specific actions and initiatives for promoting gender equality in the Republic of Armenia until 2025. The Country Level Implementation Plan was developed in consultation with the Armenian authorities, EU Member States, women’s organisations, and other civil society actors.

Fostering integrity and preventing corruption in the public sector in Armenia” Twinning Programme was launched

June 13, 2022
On the 13th of June EU-funded Twinning Programme ‘Fostering integrity and preventing corruption in the public sector in Armenia’ was launched. Within the next 2 years, the 1 million EUR programme will foster integrity and prevent corruption in the public sector in Armenia. More specifically, the programme will aim to develop and assist the implementation of anti-corruption education and public awareness programmes and related institutional capacities to enable the corruption prevention environment; and to advance the implementation of the Anti-Corruption Strategy. The Twinning will be implemented by the German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation (IRZ) and the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Latvia in cooperation with the beneficiary administration represented by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia and the Corruption Prevention Commission of the Republic of Armenia.

Shirak region has two new agricultural production areas equipped with “Green” standards

June 8, 2022
On 8th June in the Shirak region, two new agricultural production areas were officially launched with “Green” standards.
“Harmony Farm” in the Arapi community and “Sunny Food” in the Gharibjanyan community are two Shirak region agricultural facilities, which have been refurbished in the framework of the EU Green Agriculture Initiative in Armenia: today’s opening demonstrates the benefits of green agriculture, also in terms of jobs creation,” said Andrea Baggioli, International Aid/Cooperation Officer of the EU Delegation to Armenia. The production areas have been modernized with new, resource-saving technologies thanks to the European Union-funded Green Agriculture Initiative (EU-GAIA) project co-financed by the Austrian Development Cooperation. The project is implemented jointly by the Austrian Development Agency and the United Nations Development Program in Armenia. The Ministry of Economy of RA is a partner of the project.

E5P multi-donor fund. Energy efficiency refurbishment of kindergartens in Yerevan

July 19, 2022
Multi-donor fund E5P, European Investment Bank (EIB), the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and UNDP support energy efficiency refurbishment of kindergartens in Yerevan. The project will increase the energy efficiency and the resilience to earthquakes of kindergartens: 15 kindergartens are expected to be fully renovated, while about 36 will benefit from horizontal Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy measures. Within the project N 49 kindergarten in Yerevan is now accessible for children after a complete seismic upgrade, structural reinforcement and energy efficiency improvements. “The E5P project combines comprehensive energy efficiency, structural and accessibility improvements in kindergartens with the integration of renewable energy sources. The public domain can therefore set an example for wider society in turning to energy-saving measures. At the same time, kindergarten renovations contribute to the enhanced resilience, reduced energy intensity, and inclusivity of the public service sectors,” said the EU Ambassador, Andrea Wiktorin.

“Enhancing private sector-led economic growth in Dilijan and adjacent communities” project was launched”

June 7, 2022
“Enhancing private sector-led economic growth in Dilijan and adjacent communities” project officially was launched in Dilijan, Tavush region on the 7th of June. The project aims to stimulate business development and contribute to job creation in the Dilijan consolidated community through investing in hard and soft infrastructure. Andrea Wiktorin, EU Ambassador to Armenia in her opening remarks during the official ceremony mentioned ‘’The European Union continues supporting local and regional authorities in Armenia since we believe strongly in the role of local actors to champion local development and growth’’. The project implemented by Dilijan municipality in partnership with the IDEA Foundation, Tourism and Urbanism Foundation, and Dilijan Community centre is co-funded by the European Union with an overall 1 million euro investment and the IDEA foundation.

The Ambassador congratulated the Mayor of Ijevan on the selection of the Ijevan culture strategy for EU financing and encouraged all interlocutors to work towards its implementation.

EU4Sevan project. “Piloting of sustainable manure-dairy production waste management in Gegharkunik region” workshop was held

June 6, 2022
“Sustainable Livestock Management for the Enhanced Environmental Condition of Lake Sevan” workshop was held on June 6th at the Regional Office of EU4Sevan Project. EU4Sevan Project is co-financed by the European Union (EU) and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The workshop’s objective was to present the results of the “Piloting of sustainable manure/dairy production waste management in Gegharkunik region” feasibility study and discuss the recommendations for the next steps. Among the attendants of the workshop was Andrea Baggioli, International Aid/Cooperation Officer of the EU Delegation to Armenia.