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This year’s European Heritage Days event was aimed at protecting the environment

December 1, 2022

European Heritage Days event, aimed at raising public awareness about European heritage, was celebrated in Armenia this year at the “Khosrov Forest State Reserve” to emphasize the importance of culture and the environment. Under the 2022 Pan-European global theme “Sustainable Heritage”, the EU Delegation to Armenia and the “Environment Group” implemented a joint programme “Vedi without Plastic”, the purpose of which is to raise awareness about the harmful effects of single-use plastic and the importance of preserving the environment. Within the scope of the project, each house in Vedi will be provided with reusable bags with the inscription #VediWthoutPlastic to support Armenia’s efforts to combat the use of plastic bags.

“The project that we are launching today embodies the belief of the European Union in the power of youth to transform communities and shape the future. Young people in Armenia possess immense energy, creativity, and passion, which makes them catalysts for positive social change and advocates for a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable future”, emphasised in her remarks the head of the EU Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Andrea Wiktorin. 

An event dedicated to the closing of the EU Twinning Project held in Yerevan

November 29, 2022

On November 29, EU Twinning Project “Strengthening the capacity of the National Assembly of Armenia to further support CEPA oversight and development” was successfully closed. The project was implemented by a consortium of Greek and Italian Parliaments. In the last two years, the representatives of both parliaments worked together with National Assembly colleagues towards improving the capability of the National Assembly to advance CEPA-related legislation and policies in an inclusive and evidence-based manner, while at the same time increasing awareness of the impacts and benefits of CEPA.

“Covid-19 Solidarity programme” helps to overcome the immediate and long-term consequences of the pandemic

November 22, 2022

At the summing up of the “Covid-19 Solidarity regional programme” funded by the European Union and aimed at neutralizing the immediate and long-term consequences of the pandemic, the draft version of the state employment strategy created jointly with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Republic of Armenia was discussed. 
The “Covid-19 Solidarity programme” was implemented by the “People in Need” organisation. The programme supported over 20 civil society organisations in Armenia to respond to the immediate and longer-term impacts of the pandemic.

In Ijevan, the European Union promotes the expansion of public-private partnership

November 1, 2022

The European Union through the programme “Enhancing economic development of Ijevan through leveraging PPP and creating local eco-system for innovative development: InnoIjevan” helps to expand public-private partnership in the northern region of Armenia. The aim of the programme financed by the European Union within the Mayors for Economic Growth initiative is to create a sustainable ecosystem of tourism, agriculture and food industry in Ijevan, as well as to educate young people to engage in launched programs.

The EU Ambassador Andrea Wiktorin met with beneficiaries of the “Agate Rights Defense Centre for Women with Disabilities” NGO in Gyumri

October 26, 2022

Attaching great importance to the role of civil society in Armenia, the EU Ambassador Andrea Wiktorin visited the “Agate Rights Defense Centre for Women with Disabilities” NGO in Gyumri on October 26 as a part of her visit to Shirak region. The EU Ambassador highlighted the importance of the readiness to promote civil society, taking into account its participation in registering additional tangible values in the fields of education, health, social protection, labour rights, justice reform, and fight against inequalities, social entrepreneurship, infrastructures, culture, sustainable agriculture, climate change, youth, and rights of women.

“Harvest Festival 2022”

October 24, 2022

The European Union, attaching great importance to the impact of sustainable agricultural development on the economic growth of the country, has always promoted activities related to this sphere. “Harvest Festival 2022” was an opportunity to celebrate the abundance of food and wealth of Armenia. Within the framework of this festival, dedicated to the exceptional work of farmers, various producers, buyers, processors, organisations, and potential donors from different regions of Armenia met to exchange experience and get the opportunity to enter new markets.

The EU supports specialists in the field of tourism through English language courses

October 3, 2022

To improve the professional level of English language in the tourism field, “English for Tourism Stakeholders in three Northern Regions of Armenia” project was implemented with the funding of the European Union. On October 3, the closing event of the programme took place, during which Ambassador Andrea Wiktorin noted the benefits of tourism for local economic development, emphasising that money spent by tourists would stay in the country. “English for Tourism Stakeholders in three Northern Regions of Armenia” project was implemented in the context of the EU4Business programme “Innovative Tourism and Technology Development (ITTD)” in partnership with the British Council. More than 140 participants from three northern regions of Armenia improved their language level because of this training, which now gives them an opportunity to continue professional growth and secure a stable income.

Summarised results of the regional programme “Civil Society actors as drivers of change in South Caucasus and Moldova”

September 30, 2022

On September 30, the event for summing up the results of the regional programme “Civil Society actors as drivers of change in South Caucasus and Moldova” took place, during which the results of the programme and the challenges of CSOs in Armenia were discussed. The programme is supported by the European Union and implemented by the “People in Need” organisation. The European Union remains strongly committed to further supporting civil society in Armenia.

The fourth Partnership Committee on trade configuration between the EU and Armenia was held under the CEPA

September 30, 2022

On September 29 and 30, under the Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement (CEPA) signed between the European Union and Armenia, the Fourth Partnership Committee on the EU-Armenia Trade configuration was held. The agenda of the meetings of the committee included such key issues as Intellectual Property Rights, Public Procurement, Trade in Goods, Sanitary measures, Technical Barriers to Trade, Competition, Customs, and Trade and Sustainable Development.

Youth at the centre of the “UPSHIFT” Ijevan programme implemented with the support of the EU

September 30, 2022

The results of the Ijevan “UPSHIFT” programme, implemented with the support of the European Union, UNICEF, and the Centre for Youth Initiatives, were summarised through the presentation of several initiatives devised by teenagers․ At the final event held on September 30, the EU Ambassador to Armenia Andrea Wiktorin noted that the backbone of every nation is its young people. “UPSHIFT” trains and educates citizens. You are the main driving force of change and innovation in your community”, added the EU Ambassador.

Through the convergence of science and technology platforms, the EU promotes the expansion of cooperation between Armenian specialists

September 28, 2022

The Catalyst Foundation launched a new platform for the convergence of science and technology within the framework of the “Innovative Tourism and Technology” programme of the EU4Business initiative. The platform will contribute to the improvement of cooperation between local science, industry, academia, government, and donor community representatives in Armenia.

The European Union market is more accessible to an Armenian entrepreneur because of the new EaP Trade Helpdesk platform

September 20, 2022

In order to make the European Union market more accessible to representatives of the Armenian business community, the Eastern Partnership Trade Helpdesk Platform was launched on September 20. The new Armenian-language version of the EaP Trade Helpdesk platform helps government officials and representatives of the private sector to have access to analytics on trade opportunities in the countries of the European Union and the Eastern Partnership region. The platform was launched as a result of joint efforts of the European Union, the International Trade Centre, and the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia, and it is contributing to an increase in trade with the EAP and the EU countries. The launch of the new Armenian-language platform was completed within the framework of the EU4Business initiative aimed at the growth of small and medium-sized businesses.