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The opening of the Solar Power plant in Artik will took place on April 30th with a Press Tour to the
Solar Power Plant followed by a Media briefing in the Artik’s Municipality.
Within the framework of the EuropeAid/155713/DH/ACT/Multi grant program of the European Union
“Covenant of Mayors Projects” to enhance the visibility of the “EU for Armenia’s Sustainable Energy” program implemented jointly by the “Foundation to Save Energy” NGO and “Union of Communities of Armenia” NGO organized several awareness-raising events on 28-30 of April in Artik city of Shirak region of Armenia.
The Sustainable Energy Technology Expo-Exhibition on April 30, 2022, aims to bring a successful
experience in sustainable energy to Artik and neighboring communities and inform and showcase the
accessible and modern sustainable energy technologies in Armenia. Among the events is the expo-exhibition of renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies. More than a dozen market players participated in the Expo. Various energy efficiency and renewable energy technology solutions, products, and services were demonstrated. The visitors were able to inquire for additional information, collect market information and even get quotations for their home solar system.
The EU values and supports the implementation of projects that boost the development of sustainable
energy in Armenia’s communities. The development of sustainable energy, in particular solar energy, in the communities of Armenia is significant both in terms of increasing the country’s energy security and
independence, as well as for the energy stability of communities, solving environmental problems, and
transition to a “green city” system with energy-efficient solutions.
Mr. Andrea Baggioli, International Aid / Cooperation Officer of EU Delegation to Armenia mentioned
that “The EU within the Covenant of Mayors helps local Armenian authorities to translate their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction ambitions into reality. The 25 KW rooftop solar net metering in Aparan and the Artik 600KWp Solar Power Station show the joint EU-Armenia vision for making cities decarbonised and resilient, where citizens have access to secure, sustainable and affordable energy.”
The Sustainable Energy Technology Expo-Exhibition opening ceremony commenced at 11:30.
The open-air Expo was located in Artik city, at the Freedom Square; marked with opening speeches, ribbon-cutting and walk-through by distinguished guest. A short concert program by “Jranerk’ band followed the Expo accompanied by the announcement of winners of the games and competitions organized for youth and schoolchildren, certificates will also be given to the participants.
Concurrent with the EXPO, a Press Tour marking the opening of the EU-CoM Solar Power Plant
started with the Expo opening, after which in Artik’s Municipality during the Media Briefing
comprehensive information was provided about the project to the representatives of the media, the EU
Delegation in Armenia, Artik Municipality and EU4ASEP project representatives will answer the questions of the press. Following the media briefing, the media tour participants departed to visit the solar power plants constructed under EU4ASEP project in Artik and Aparan, and returned to Yerevan.